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Female Muscle Frenzy Issue 5 is available NOW!

This issue features the sequel to Colossal Ambition, which appeared back in issue #1. Get ready for some serious FMG and Giantess action as Miss Armstrong finally meets her match… or does she?  Growth-Ray guns, Giantess fights and sex – it’s all here in Colossal Rivals!

Head on over to the comic store NOW to get your copy of Female Muscle Frenzy Issue 5!

Female Muscle Frenzy Issue 5

PLUS!  Brian from the “Ascension” series is back again! This illustrated text story (With 18 brand new illustrations!) shows what happened to our unfortunate friend right after the events of Ascension Part 2 from last issue.  Just when he thinks he’s finally getting his masculinity back on track, Brian runs into Liza – needless to say, he is out-muscled big time!

PLUS!  We take another behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the comic artwork, with raw art pages, character sketches and a sneak preview of Issue 6!

PDF format, 50 pages in total: $13.99


Don’t forget issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 are still available in the Comic Store – check them out now for Female Muscle Growth, Muscle Draining, Futanari, Giantess and more!!!  All exclusive and original only from kinkyrocket.com