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Female Muscle Frenzy Issue 6 is available NOW!

This issue features our first ever all-3D comic strip!  Tara is your classic skinny girl – no matter what she eats or how she trains, she simply can’t put on any size.  While most girls would love to be so slim, all Tara can dream of is packing on some muscle and impressing the other ladies at the gym.

Tara discovers the secret to massive muscle gains – and Becky isn’t happy about it…  Their obsession with being huge and ripped takes them down a very dangerous and
dark road together!

Head on over to the comic store NOW to get your copy of Female Muscle Frenzy Issue 6!


Female Muscle Frenzy Issue 6 on sale now

PLUS!  We take a behind-the-scenes look at the design and creation of the 3D comic characters, and a sneak peek of what is to come in Titanic Tara Part 2!

PDF format, 42 pages in total: $13.99

Don’t forget issues 1 – 5 are still available in the Comic Store – check them out now for Female Muscle Growth, Muscle Draining, Futanari, Giantess and more!!!  All exclusive and original only from kinkyrocket.com