November 28th, 2015 | Featured, News, Uncategorized | Comments Off on FEMALE MUSCLE FRENZY COMIC #4 COMING SOON!

Female Muscle Frenzy Comic #4 is almost complete!

The rumours are true… Female Muscle Frenzy Comic #4 is on the way!  This brand new comic features a massive amount of Female Muscle Growth, Muscle Draining and Giantess action!

Remember Brian from “Ascension” in Issue 1?  Well he’s back!  After his unfortunate encounter with Giantess Amy, Brian has rebuilt his life. He has new friends, a new job and a new place – and he’s even had some success in the gym, putting on some muscle.  All his new confidence is about to be shattered though, as old school friend Kelly comes back into his life. She wants something from Brian… and it isn’t romance!!

A big thanks to all of the fans of female muscle for buying our first three issues – you have made it possible to continue this series. We have 26 pages of muscle-bursting hotness completed so far, with more to come – so check back SOON for details of the release date!  Work has also begun on a new story (which may appear in Female Muscle Frenzy #5) featuring a group of strippers at a strip bar who discover the secret to packing on massive muscle mass fast!  5 pages are completed so far, and it’s looking like one of our greatest Female Muscle Growth comics to date.


Female Muscle Frenzy Comic #4

Female Muscle Frenzy 5