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Female Muscle Frenzy 3

Female Muscle Frenzy 3 Now Available in the Comic Store!

Female Muscle Frenzy 3 is here!  Grab your copy now !!!


Female Muscle Frenzy Issue 3


XXX Adults Only! Sandy is sick of her husband’s attitude, always putting her down and calling women the “weaker sex.” She convinces him to sign her up for The Buff Babe Package… and he gets MORE than he bargained for – Sandy’s muscles aren’t the only thing that she grows bigger!!  Get ready for some serious Female Muscle Growth, hot Female Muscle Domination sex scenes and dick-girl action as the tables turn and Sandy shows Marcus just who is the “weaker sex” in My Wife’s Growing Love!  Contains Female Muscle Growth and Futanari scenes.

PLUS!  We take another behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the comic artwork, and a sneak preview of what’s coming in Female Muscle Frenzy issue #4!


PDF format, 47 pages in total: $12.99



Female Muscle Frenzy 3


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Female Muscle Frenzy Comics

Don’t forget – all other issues are still available in the Comic Store – check them out now for Female Muscle Growth, Muscle Draining, Futanari, Giantess and more!!!  All exclusive and original only from kinkyrocket.com