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Female Muscle Frenzy 7 is here!  Get your Seriously Swole copy now!!This issue features part 2 of our ongoing story, Titanic Tara! In Titanic Tara Part 1, after discovering the rare fruit that gives massive muscle gains, Tara and her gym rival Becky were consumed with a lust for gaining muscle, not to mention the fun side-effect of uncrontrollable sexual urges!

Now the muscle-expanding effects have worn off, the girls realise their fun is over – they need to get hold of more of the fruit. Tara remembers that her friend Dave first gave her some – so the girls set out to track him down… they’re desperate to regain that massive muscle mass and strength, along with that other “special something” that Becky gained from eating too many berries!

This issue introduces three new female characters – Diamond, Ava and Mona!  This also marks the first appearance of Marco – he thinks he’s the perfect Alpha Male sex machine, with his luxury pad, fancy car and women at his feet… until Tara and Becky show up and the the roles are massively reversed!

Featuring white-hot Female Muscle Growth and Futanari action!

PDF format, 50 pages in total: $13.99

Female Muscle Frenzy 7

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