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Female Muscle Frenzy 8

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Female Muscle Frenzy 8 is here! Get your Super-Shredded copy now!!

Holly is jealous of number one stripper Mindy at the club – how did she get such an amazingly tight, muscular body? She sure as hell didn’t work for it, she’s a lazy bitch! Holly is determined to find out the secret to Mindy’s toned, buff physique, as she knows it will lead to way more dollar bills being thrown her way out on stage…

Meanwhile, both girls are sick of J.C, the fat sleazy strip club owner who pushes them around and forces all the girls to pleasure him just to keep their jobs. As tension builds down at the club, something has got to give!!

Featuring red-hot Female Muscle Growth action with female-on-male wrestling scenes!  There is also a detailed look at how the cover to this issue was created, from pencil sketch to finished artwork.  Plus!  A look at what’s coming soon from Kinky Rocket.

PDF format, 38 pages in total: $13.99

Female Muscle Frenzy 8